It’s official! Since the start of my new website and blog I had 1024 visitors in the first month! Thanks to everyone that left a nice comment or sent me a message by e-mail or Linked In. A lot of people downloaded the PowerShell Quick Reference. I hope it helps them with their first PowerShell encouter.

Some statistics:

  • The PowerShell Quick Reference has been downloaded 500 times!
  • Bing is responsible for 30% of the visitors finding my website by a search engine (so Bing works!).
  • 30% of all the visitors is from the United States.
  • I had two visitors from Vietnam. I have been there only one time, so let’s hope I can even that one out, one time… 😉

A lot more is coming: several other Quick References are in the making. You can expect a lot more blog posts and even videos. So maken sure you check out often.

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Hope to see you soon!